Prime Flow - Premium Beet Root Nitric Oxide Supplement

Prime Flow is a professional grade daily dietary nitrate supplement that harnesses the power of Nitric Oxide to lower blood pressure, extend heart health, increase blood flow, and improve circulation. Feel the benefits with just one dose!

We spent 18 months perfecting our triple action formula that includes beet root powder for dietary nitrates, watermelon seed powder high in L-Arginine, and hawthorn leaf extract that is high in proanthocyandins. Each ingredient works together to increase nitric oxide through the Nitric Oxide Synthase and Nitrate-Nitrite-Nitric oxide pathways that our bodies naturally use to make nitric oxide from our diet. In fact, our formula contains more nitrates than one pound of green leafy vegetables! It comes in a tasteless capsule, contains no stimulants, and is calorie free.

Nitric oxide is so important that its discovery as a potent signaling molecule was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1998.

People use Prime Flow to regulate healthy blood pressure by improving cardiovascular function, boost athletic performance by increasing oxygen delivered to muscles, and improve circulation to limbs and brain to aid extremity and cognitive health. In other words, use Prime Flow to Extend Your Prime!